Move your mouse over the photographs below to see how quickly Meth can change a person.
Photo Credit and Link: © 2005 Faces of Meth
The picture on the right shows the change in an addict after 1.5 years of using Meth.

"Don't Meth with Me"

is an initiative started by

the Livingston Rotary Club

We are inviting our local community to say no to the dangers of Crystal Meth. We are working to educate our local youth that Crystal Meth is not worth the danger. Join us as we work to keep our community free of this harmful drug, and tell the world "Don't Meth with Me!"


You can become a sponsor by donating $500.00. In return for your support, we will place your logo on our brochure, decals, signs, video, radio and T.V. spots.

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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Q. Is it possible to get addicted to meth if someone only tries it one time?

A. Yes. Meth is one of the few drugs with the potential for addiction after the very first use.

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